Advanced Protection from Snow and Ice on Roofs


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Roof Ice Melt Solutions by Heatizon Systems

Before Picture of No Roof Deicing
After Picture of a Heatizon Radiant Roof Deicing System
Snow Loads and Ice Dams can cause serious damage to the structure and functionality of buildings as well as serious falling ice and snow load liablilities.
Using Heatizon Roof Deicing or Roof Ice Melt Systems protects and restores safety and functionality during harsh winter weather. Our roof ice melt systems are installed under the shingle becoming a permanent solution to ice dam, snow load, and icicle problems.


Ice Dam Problems

What is an ice dam? An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms on a roof eave or valley which prevents melted snow and water from draining off the roof.

As water backs up behind an ice dam, it pushes up under the shingles and can eventually leak into the building, causing damage to walls, ceilings and insulation.

Heatizon Systems roof ice melt systems are installed under the roofing material to provide solutions to ice dam problems.


How Roof Deicing Works

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Ice Dams and Icicles along an Eave

Where do ice dams occur?

The major issue is that there is no exit path for water along the eave causing the ice to form thick layers from the freeze thaw cycle throughout winter. Heat escaping from the building inside the attic and radiant heat from the sun causes the snow to melt above the heated space, when it is met with an overhange that has no heat loss it freezes causing a "dam" that holds water and which eventually can find its way into the building.. This continual cycle can cause extreme structural and interior damage to a building. Damage can also occur at the gutters where the ice and snow loads can tear them from the roof edge causing expensive repairs. - see more on our roof deicing systems


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