Advanced Protection from Snow and Ice on Roofs


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Ice Dam, Icicles, and Snow Load Problems


Snow Load Damage to a building

Preventing Ice Dams with a Roof Ice Melt system from Heatizon can save money compared to just a one time experience of the damage and ice dam can cause.


Rain Gutter Damage Caused by Ice Dams and Heavy Snow on the Roof

Ice Dams and Snow can be heavy!

Ice can be estimated at 57 lbs per cubic foot! An inch of water weighs 5.2lbs per square foot and snow can vary in weight depending on the water density. Based on the structural design of a building, snow loads can be a serious concern during the winter and that's where our Roof Ice Melt systems come into play.

Places where snow loads should be of concern:

  • Roof Overhangs
  • Multilevel Roofs
  • Valleys
  • Gutters

Structural integrity is also something to be concerned about when dealing with heavy snows. Considering the need for a roof ice melt system is usually an afterthought when the damage has already been done. Years of wear and tear of existing structures and their exposure to water and weight can cause rotting, in turn making them weak.


Install a Roof Ice Melt System to Prevent Risks of Injury and Liabilities

Attempting to remedy heavy snow loads can be extremely dangerous using traditional snow and ice removal methods such as snow rakes, ice picks and shovels. The liability and risks that these methods attribute can cause serious injury, death or a tremendous amount of money in injury compensation and hospital bills.

Snow Removal Liabilities and Dangers


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